4 May 2021

Rebecca Adler-Nissen has been announced as the Carlsberg Foundation's "Researcher of the Month"


Every month throughout 2021, the Carlsberg Foundation portrays a researcher and goes into text, images, podcasts and videos close to a current research topic supported by the foundation. We are delighted that Researcher of the Month #4 is our own Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen.

Rebecca Adler-Nissen. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard
Rebecca Adler-Nissen. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard

Pleased with the accolade, Adler-Nissen emphasizes the importance to her research of two traits: intellectual curiosity and a desire to make a difference.

“My curiosity and a fervently held desire to make a difference have always guided my choices. I started my research career focusing on international politics, and I an still interested in that today. Of course, I have also expanded my interests to include, among other things, the importance of digital technologies for society and misinformation on the web and social media,” says Rebecca Adler-Nissen.

She intends to use the "researcher of the month" platform as an opportunity to highlight her concerns: "I feel very privileged to be part of the University of Copenhagen's vibrant and pluralistic research environment in international politics and social sciences more generally. But we must better safeguard academic freedom and give free rein to our emerging colleagues. It’s vital that younger researchers have the intellectual space to establish their own agenda and challenge the existing one.”

Head of the Department of Political Science, Professor Nina Græger, also welcomes the news as an endorsement of the Department’s strengths: “It is something we should all be proud of –that Rebecca’s excellent research gains this recognition can only serve to further raise the Department’s international profile, and challenge us all to match her endeavours.”

More about the appointment (In Danish).

Listen to the podcast: How can we limit the spread of misinformation during the corona crisis? (In Danish).