5 February 2021

Innovative steps: SRM gets separate Head of Studies and Interim Study Board


From February 1st, 2021 Professor Ben Rosamond has taken over the responsibility as Head of Studies for the MSc in Security Risk Management after Deputy Head of Department, Anders Berg-Sørensen, who continues as Head of Studies for the BSc and MSc programs in Political Science and Social Studies.

Ben Rosamond teaches. Photo: Sara Galbiati
Photo: Sara Galbiati

At the same time, the SRM MSc program has set up an independent Study Board chaired by Associate Professor Anders Esmark with Professor Kevin Jon Heller and student representatives Solveig Kirstine Bennike Bennedsen and Johanna Huifang as members.

The change follows the program evaluation of the SRM MSc that was carried out in the spring and summer of 2020. In its report, the external evaluation committee wrote: ‘The program has a unique profile in a subject matter that seems to be quite marketable to the committee’. The committee also emphasized the high degree of internationalization and the low unemployment rate as some of the strengths of the program.

The external evaluation committee further recommended the establishment of an independent Study Board whose primary task in its first year should be the exploration of the scope for academic progression in the program and an explicit reflection of the proper mix between academic and practical skills that graduates achieve.

Head of Department Nina Græger is very satisfied that the SRM program now gets its own Head of Studies and Study Board, and that this reform is approved:

The SRM program is an important pillar in the Department’s portfolio. I feel confident that Ben Rosamond will ensure both academic progression and innovation in the MSc in Security Risk Management, together with the freshly appointed SRM Study Board members.

Græger says