The Department of Political Science has written a new strategy plan covering the years 2017-2021. The strategy plan is to be read as a guide to how we want to focus our efforts within the greater strategies of the University of Copenhagen and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The strategy plan covers four main areas: Impact, internationalisation, academic environment and revenue. You can read more in our brochures on each area.

The Department of Political Science makes an impact through research, teaching and direct engagement with political and societal issues. 

The Department of Political Science is international by temperament and we are proud of our heritage. We emphasize internationalisation by focusing on a broad range of areas, including an international body of researchers and students.

The Department of Political Science empowers the students to achieve a better future by teaching them to identify, analyse and address the challenges of the future and the problems of the present.  

Much of the activity of the Department of Political Science is funded by the Danish state, but the Department also empowers researchers to carry out worldclass research by securing external funding from private and public sources in Denmark and abroad. This will be even more important in the years to come.