The Student Advisory Service – University of Copenhagen

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The Student Advisory Service


The Student Advisory Service is closed in public holidays

The Student Advisory Service is closed:
9th -11th of October 2017 (both days inclusive)
14th – 22nd of October 2017 (both days inclusive)
23rd of December 2017 – 2nd of January 2018 (both days are inclusive)

In the Student Advisory Service we can help you with all kinds of questions whether in concerns formal requirements, practical information, personal or social issues related to your studies. 

Our office is always a good place to start out if you do not know where to get help. If we are not the right ones to answer your question we know who it will then be and will help you in the right direction. 

All the Student Advisors are students ourselves at the Department of Political Science. That gives us a direct insight in the student environment and the challenges we all faces. 

We are bound to confidentiality. However we are required to hand on information about criminal actions and cheating at exams.