Technical and administrative staff – University of Copenhagen

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Technical and administrative staff

When you click on the column headers: Name, title or job responsibilities the list is sorted alphabetically.

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Baagland, Troels ClausHead of study administration STADS, Secretary for the Study Board +45 353-23368E-mail
Bahner, Line LouiseResearch support staff Research support +45 353-36089E-mail
Godsk, LenaProgramme coordinator Programme Coordinator +45 353-35362E-mail
Henrichsen, Ulla BossFinance officer Financial officer +45 353-24778E-mail
Holm, Majka JulieResearch coordinator Research Coordinator and Research Assistant at Centre for Europan Politics and EURECO +45 353-23433E-mail
Juelsholt, Flemming StureDepartment administrator Head of Administration +45 353-23377E-mail
Jørgensen, Anne-Marie BayResearch support staff Academic Officer, Research Support +45 353-34366E-mail
Kraak, HanneProgramme coordinator Programme and Time Table Planing, Credit Transfer and Exemption Cases +45 353-23435E-mail
Macinnes, LiseAdministrative staff Administrative assistant +45 353-23372E-mail
Møller, Merete RishøjCourse and exam secretary International students, Socrates/ Nordplus and Erasmus Mundus secretary, Exams +45 353-23357E-mail
Pedersen, HelenCourse and exam secretary Secretary for the Committee for Credit Transfer and Exemption applications, Exams +45 353-23382E-mail
Rønne, Louise Trappaud  +45 353-34732E-mail
Skou, Mette CruseCourse and exam secretary Master Thesis Administration, external lecturers and instructors, exams +45 353-23434E-mail
Sonnichsen, LiseWeb editor PhD secretary and webmaster +45 353-24766E-mail
Thomsen, AnneSenior advisor Executive assistant +45 353-24083E-mail
Volder, Stephanie MontesinosProgramme coordinator  +45 353-37890E-mail
Wissum, Henrik HarboeFinance officer  +45 353-23407E-mail
Worbech, Annemette HaveResearch assistant Research Assistant +45 353-35049E-mail