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Dean Cooper-Cunningham

Dean Cooper-Cunningham

PhD fellow

Dean Cooper-Cunningham is a Ph.D. Fellow at the University of Copenhagen where he works with the images and international security project under the supervision of Professor Lene Hansen. 

Dean holds an MA in International Security from the University of Sussex and received his his undergraduate MA in International Relations from the University of St Andrews.

He has been an associate articles editor at E-International Relations since 2015.

His research interests are primarily in: critical security studies, securitization theory, visual politics, gender, the body, political self-sacrifice, and feminist and Queer IR theories.

He was shortlisted for the Millennium: Journal of International Studies Northedge Prize in 2017.

Current research

My current research is focused on gender, visual politics, critical security studies, Queer theory, and social movements. 

My Ph.D. project focuses on competing securitizations made by LGBTQ+ movements, government, and society in Russia and the USA. It looks at how LGBTQ+ bodies have been securitized as dangers to society and politics because of their ‘difference’. 

I use analysis of visuals as a methodology to examine the role of (international) popular culture and images in this construction of difference-as-danger. 

Ultimately, the PhD project is about understanding how certain bodies are made ‘different’ and dangerous across cultures, societies, and time.

Primary fields of research

  • Constructivism
  • Post-structuralism
  • Critical security studies
  • Copenhagen School
  • Securitization Theory
  • Visual politics
  • Gender
  • Political self-sacrifice
  • Feminist IR
  • Queer IR
  • Social Movements

ID: 182566351