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Morten Jarlbæk Pedersen

Morten Jarlbæk Pedersen

PhD fellow

My project sees to examine to what extend and how involvement of businesses in the law-making process in the EU and Denmark can lead to a better quality of regulation (e.g. if a regulation is understandable and implementable).

The role of special interest organisations in the EU has been the subject of much research, but until now the focus has been mainly on input, i.e. very often of either descriptive character or focusing on the democratic implications. At the same time, the limited focus there has been on output has been one of power structures and influence, i.e. closely related to the input-oriented research.

Thus, not much research has revolved around the concrete effects of the involvement on the regulation per se, even though it often has been a (from time to time implicit) premise that  involvement among other reasons takes place in order to secure quality of regulation.

Supervisor: Peter Nedergaard

ID: 108810174