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PhD (Internal)

List of Internal PhD fellows at the Department of Political Science

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Aaskoven, LassePhD fellow Comparative political economy, comparative politics, fiscal institutions, fiscal policy, political budget cycles, politics of natural resources, political parties, politics of taxation +45 353-31369E-mail
Bossetta, MichaelPhD fellow Ph.D. Fellow +45 353-31226E-mail
Christensen, Kristoffer KjærgaardPhD fellow Cyber security, information and communication technology (ICT), international relations, security politics, surveillance +45 353-37300E-mail
Dahl, Malte RokkjærPhD student Causal inference, economic discrimination, experiments, integration, minorities, political behavior, stereotypes +45 353-37924E-mail
Dahlgaard, Jens OlavPhD fellow Causal inference, methodology, political behavior, voter turnout +45 60 73 28 73E-mail
Egerod, Benjamin Carl KragPhD student Comparative political economy, political methodology, private influence on public policy, revolving door between business and politics, special interest politics +45 353-32854E-mail
Foged, Søren KjærPhD fellow Cutbacks, financial management, local governments, privatization, public administration and economy +45 353-24638E-mail
Hansen, Jonas HedegaardPhD fellow Election, election campaign, election participation, xperimental method, campaign reforms, opinion formation, political mobilization (Get-Out-The-Vote), political psychology, quantitative method +45 353-24106E-mail
Jacobsen, MarcPhD student Arctic, copenhagen school, danish foreign affairs, the danish realm, discourse, Greenland, identity, international relations, postcolonialism, poststructuralism +45 353-31360E-mail
Junk, Wiebke MariePhD fellow Causal inference, environmental policy, European Union, interest groups, international organisations, lobbying, political communication and framing, political networks, public opinion, public policy, research methods +45 353-32323E-mail
Jørgensen, Rolf ThunebergPhD fellow Automated content analysis, causal proces tracing, discourses and ideas in political analysis, economic history of ideas, EU institutions, EU market integration, financial crisis, financial regulation, globalization, international political economy, semantic network analysis  E-mail
Kjær, Agnete AslaugPhD fellow Ageing, health, inequality, public administration, quantitative methods, register data, social services, social gerontology, sociology, survey data +45 353-31693E-mail
Lambert, MarinaPhD student Discourse analysis, EU, european identity, european integration, identity construction, myths, psychoanalysis, symbols +45 353-31362E-mail
Lauritzen, Heidi HesselbergPhD fellow  +45 353-31467E-mail
Li, XuanPhD student Community governance, democracy, Robert D. Putnam, youth civic engagement +45 353-33341E-mail
Liebetrau, TobiasPhD fellow Critical security studies, cyber security, cyberspace, information and communication technology, international relations, surveillance, information security, science- and technology studies, security governance and policy, technology +45 353-31219E-mail
Meilvang, Hjalte BondePhD student Economic indicators, evaluation, learning assessments, politics of education, political statistics, tests +45 353-33477E-mail
Møller, Anne MettePhD fellow Evaluation, evidence-based policy and practice, implementation, knowledge mobilization, organization theory, public administration, research utilization, social policy, translation theory +45 353-34867E-mail
Nielsen, Anders WollerPhD student PhD Fellow +45 353-35748E-mail
Nielsen, Anne BachPhD fellow Climate change adaptation, climate disasters, global climate governance, resilient cities +45 353-36924E-mail
Nielsen, Kitt PliniaPhD Fellow Epistemology, evaluation, International Business, international public administration, international relations, multinational corporations, political risk, risk analysis, - assessment and handling, risk society, security policy +45 353-22051E-mail
Parmalingam, Priya DershiniPhD student ASEAN, bureaucratic discretion, comparative politics, domestic politics in Southeast Asia, international courts, international trade dispute settlement, law and politics, political patronage, political systems, Southeast Asia, the strategic use of international courts, WTO dispute settlement +45 353-24640E-mail
Pedersen, Morten JarlbækPhD fellow Business conditions, EU, lobbyism, quality of regulation, regulation, single market, social rights +45 50 91 62 68E-mail
Popp-Madsen, Benjamin AskPhD fellow 20th century political thinking, democratic theory, political theory, workers' councils, radical democracy, revolutionary theory +45 353-31638E-mail
Rasmussen, Niels BorchPhD fellow Data driven decision making, neo-institutional theory, organizational theory, public administration, public schools, sociology of professions +45 353-36448E-mail
Roesdahl, MiePhD fellow Every-day practices, global governance, human rights, inter-state relations, peacebuilding +45 29 84 24 44E-mail
Rohrbach, LiviaPhD student Authoritarian regimes, comparative politics, democratization, ethnic conflict, peace and conflict studies, peace building, political and territorial power sharing, subnational governance +45 353-35477E-mail
Stahl, Rune MøllerPhD fellow British and Danish macroeconomic policy, European economy, heterodox economic theory, history of capitalism, history of economic thought, international political economy, neoliberalism, philosophy of science and methodology, Scandinavian political economy, social Network Analysis +45 353-23379E-mail
Svendsen, ØyvindPhD student Diplomacy, European foreign and security policies, International Relations Theory, political sociology, security +45 353-25397E-mail
Søby, ChristinePhD fellow Diplomacy, discursive institutionalism, EU, EU foreign policy, global environmental governance, green economy, ideas and discourse in political analysis, integration, international political economy, international relations, scientific theory and methodology, sustainable development, symbols and myt +45 353-24639E-mail
Sørensen, Ditte Maria BrassoPhD fellow European public, ideology analysis, political theory, public debate +45 353-23791E-mail
Thierry, Jessica Maria SampsonPhD fellow CJEU, EU social policy, freedom of movement, law and european integration, the social Europe, the welfare state +45 353-34880E-mail
Toft, MariaPhD student Actor Network Theory ANT, civil society, climate policy, governance, local, norms, participation, social (environmental) movements, sustainability +45 353-25347E-mail
Tsinovoi, AlexeiPhD fellow Aesthetics, critical security studies, digital diplomacy, digital methods, international relations theory, Israel, new materialism, Palestine, poststructuralism, social media +45 353-31473E-mail
Vestergaard, Karsten TingleffPhD student