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Julie Hassing Nielsen

Julie Hassing Nielsen


Julie Hassing Nielsen is post.doc at the Department of Political Science. Julie's primary research interests are democratization and Europeanization with particular focus on the EU's democratic deficit, encompassing the European institutions and decision-making procedures. Particularly, she focuses on political psychology as explanation on democratic participation and political attitudes formation.

Julie has a MPhil from University of Cambridge and cand.scient.pol from University of Copenhagen. She has a PhD from the European University Institut i Florence. During her Ph.d. she has been visiting researcher at New York University (2010) and Danish Institute for International Studies (2009). Previously, Julie has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and served as EU coordinator during the Slovenian EU Presidency (2007).

From February 2015 Julie also will obtain the position as cheif European analyst at the Think Tank Kraka.

Current research

Julie's research currently focuses on the following areas:


  • EU's democratic deficit (decision-making procedures and institutions)
  • European history
  • The Eurozone Crisis and its democratic implications
  • Political attitudes towards EU integration
  • The Political Psychology of Europe (particular focus on emotions)
  • The role of size (geographical and demographical) on democracy
  • Deliberation and democratic theories


Julie has previously taught the following classes:

  • Comparative Politics - Autumn 2014
  • Causal Inference (with Yosef Bhatti, Peter Thisted Dinesen, Jacob Gerner Hariri and Asmus Leth Olsen) - Spring 2013/2014
  • Political Psychology and the Experimental Method - Spring 2013/2014
  • The Democratic Challenges of the EU and the Eurozone Crisis - Spring 2013
  • Danish Political System - Autumn 2012
  • Bachelor supervision - Autumn 2012
  • Experiments in Political Science - (The European University Institute - Florence) - Spring 2012




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