Teaching Excellence Awards 2016/2017 – University of Copenhagen

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Teaching Excellence Awards 2016/2017

On Wednesday 24 May, at 14:00, we meet in 'Kommunen' for our annual celebration of teaching excellence at the Department of Political Science.

The nominees for the annual teaching awards are:

Bachelor's programmes:

  • Caroline Howard Grøn
  • Peter Dahler-Larsen
  • Jacob Gerner Hariri
  • Frederik Hjorth
  • Olivia Harbsmeier
  • Kathrine Frøslev-Thomsen
  • Anton Lilleør
  • Thomas Kjeldsen

Master's programmes:

  • Caroline Howard Grøn
  • Peter Dahler-Larsen
  • Jens Hoff

Also, this is a good opportunity to congratulate our third year students who will hand in their bachelor’s thesis the same morning and celebrate finalizing their bachelor's degree. All staff members and students at the Department are most welcome to participate in the reception.
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