International seminar: Queering War & Peace – University of Copenhagen

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International seminar: Queering War & Peace

Consilium is very proud to present Queering War & Peace, a seminar focusing on theory, activism and the promotion of LGBT+ rights. 

In contemporary politics and academia there is an increasing attention to Queer perspectives; Both the attempt to break down heteronormative frameworks in academia as well as giving voice to the unheard calls for representation and non-discrimination of LGBT+ persons. This seminar tries to bridge the gab between academia and practice by bringing in speakers with expert knowledge and personal experience with Queer International Relations, Human Rights and LGBT+ activism. 

List of speakers:

Cynthia Weber is professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex and co-Director of the media company Pato Productions. Her recent work and publications includes ‘Thinking about Queer Wars: ‘international polarization’ and beyond’, ‘Why is there no queer international theory?’ and the agenda setting book, ‘Queer international relations: sovereignty, sexuality and the will to knowledge’ published in 2016. As a trained filmmaker, she is best known for her selection of 14 films called ‘I am an American: Video Portraits of Post-9/11 US Citizens’.

Enes Lukac is a Muslim transfeminist activist and a master student of Gender Studies at Lund University in Sweden. She is originally from Serbia where she was involved in LGBT+ activism that, in addition to her transgender identity, was the reason for threats and attacks coming from the extremist religious and football hooligan groups. 

Susanne Branner Jespersen is an anthropologist, conflict mediator at Center for Konfliktløsning (CfK) and project manager at LGBT+ Denmark, managing a 3-year project ‘Reducing minority stress amongst LGBT+ people in Tanzania’. The project aims at raising self-awareness and reducing self-stigmatisation and discrimination amongst LGBT+ people in Tanzania. 


16.00: Introduction 
Robin May Schott, Senior Researcher, DIIS

16.15: Queering War and Peace
Prof Cynthia Weber, Professor in International Relations and the author of Queer International Relations (2016), University of Sussex 

16.55: Personal experiences with LGBT+ activism in post-conflict Serbia
Enes Lukac, transfeminist activist 

17.20: The promotion of rights for LGBT+ persons in East Africa
Susanne Branner Jespersen, conflict mediator and project coordinator, CfK & LGBT Denmark

17.45: Q & A facilitated by Robin May Schott

18.30: End of seminar 

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The seminar will be in English

Coffee and snacks will be provided for. 

We thank the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen for sponsoring this seminar.